Underneath The Arches 2019

We often delve into technology and occasionally even gaming here at LBRY-C, but with the development of Soundbytez and Jelly Beatz slowly ongoing, it’s really about time we gave music some love here too! This weekend our team went out to attend the Underneath The Arches music festival. And quite the event it was, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct in Wrexham, Wales becoming a World Heritage Site. Naturally, this was no mean feat, but how well did the event hold up compared to the one it’s commemorating.

Underneath The Arches 2019 Crowd Shot

With a sizable crowd of all ages, it was quite the loud and busy night out on the Bont Playing Field, a football field located right below the aquaduct. Teens crowded around in their social circles. Families huddled around picnic lunches and what drinks they could bring along while the kid ran around excitedly. With classic rock and country hits rolled off the stage with much aplom, it drew quite the crowd. Queen, Bon Jovi and other classics were covered with surprising skill by the cover bands that took the stage.

However, no music festival would be complete without a few carnival activities. And Underneath The Arches provided modestly, with an inflatable slide, cap shooting stand, trampolines and duck hooking. Then top this off with an array of food stands, selling burgers, soft drinks and sweet treats. Sadly no bar, but you could always bring your own drinks. Once you add the essential plastic tat stalls and the ambulance workers regularly hauling off drunk teens, it really made the night into quite the entertaining experience.

Under The Arches 2019 Game Stands
Underneath The Arches 2019 Firework Setup

But of course, we couldn’t not talk about the pièce de résistance, the rather spectacular fireworks display. Underneath The Arches filled the sky with glorious lazer light displays, pyrotechnics, streamers, screamers and booming shells. But why just describe it when you can experience it for yourselves? So, for your viewing pleasure, we present the full, unedited fireworks display for you to enjoy, in glorious 1080p60, fresh from the LBRY network and all shot on our Sony Alpha A6000.

Spee.ch - Download

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