What is LBRY.Community?

LBRY.Community was created the summer of 2017, by @rouse from the LBRY Discord chat. There are now over 10 people developing this community website, and over 50+ supporters from the LBRY Community.

We are an independent community initiative. We are not LBRY Inc. (which is the company who created the LBRY Protocol and the LBRY App.)


This place is the ultimate headquarter for projects built on the LBRY Protocol.

LBRY.Community aims to be an information portal, a forum and “the-go-to” place for all content creators, users and developers who wish to do anything with LBRY. We will have several article writers, translators and web developers to make the engine of this website function properly.


  • We aim to present LBRY as a universal protocol, open for anyone to develop upon.
  • We aim to promote freedom of speech and content freedom to all the people in the world.


  • We aim to attract content creators who find it lucrative to use the LBRY protocol.
  • We aim to attract investors of LBC who wish to secure high valued name claims/search keywords in the LBRY protocol.