About LBRY-C Team

LBRY-C Team is primarily a European team currently consisting of 5 core members and 6+ extended members who are building new applications, a stronger community and working towards securing the integrity of the LBRY Protocol. We are a team that grew organically from the LBRY Community.

Vision: LBRY – For Everyone

About LBRY-C Team


  • Decentralization: Decentralize mining hash-power by promoting our Community-Certified Mining Pools.
  • Development: Develop LBRY Applications. (Liberum)
  • Educate the Community: Provide tools and targeted information for both new and expert users, to engage, learn and use LBRY Protocol.

Community-Certified Mining Pools

We believe that to secure the integrity of the LBRY Protocol, we will need to distribute and decentralize hash power. We believe LBRY is more secure if no mining pool has too much mining power. So, we’ve created a certificate for the pools who support our stance & support our operations with LBC donations.

LBRY Community Pool and Luxor Tech are in close contact with us, and are sending us LBC donations – 10% of their profits.


LBRY-C Team is funded from the 200 million LBC Community Fund currently controlled by LBRY Inc. Read about the fund here: https://lbry.fund.

We received a grant of 100,000 LBCs for 3-month operations through June, July & August 2018. 

LBRY-C Operational Fund in Block Explorer


We aim to attract a whole range of different audiences to LBRY:

  • Attract users (consumers).
  • Attract content creators.
  • Attract developers.
  • Attract investors.
  • Attract distributors.
  • Attract entrepreneurs.
  • Attract file hosters.
  • Attract miners.
  • Attract everyone!


LBRY-C Team was founded, funded and officially started operations the 28th of May, 2018.

This domain (https://lbry.community) was created by @rouse in June 2017 – the idea grew, and is still growing.

Core Team

These are the decision makers and most active members of the LBRY-C Team. (Discord usernames)

  • @ProfessorDey – Director of LBRY Application Development – An English Connoisseur Bunny, sweet talking, but shooting lasers of criticism.
  • @rouse – Team Coordinator and Writer – A Norwegian Digital Viking, successful pillager, but lost in the cyber sea.
  • @LeRatton – Creative Director – An Arizonian Creative Ratatouille, makes us shine, but hides from the sun.
  • @Dusan – Graphics Designer, Motion Graphics Designer – A Serbian Visual Renegade, caretaking babies, but riding wild tigers.
  • @kcSeb – Head of Web Development

Extended Team

We have an increasingly growing Extended Team (6+) which consists of Community Developers, Programmers, Illustrators, Contractors, Signees, Moderators, LBRY Ambassadors and Advisors. Do you feel like you can contribute? Please take contact in the Discord Chat.


We are consistently working, and sometimes we need assistance. Get to know us in the official LBRY Discord Chat at https://chat.lbry.io


LBRY-C Team is an independent organization not affiliated with LBRY Inc.