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For Everyone.

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Out with the old, in with the new. – A look at a community made LBRY Blockchain Explorer.

In the sea of alt-coins, blockchain explorers can look rather similar. The typical black and white display with your address balance, TXIDs, etc. Enter "LBRYExplorer" -

Underneath The Arches 2019

We often delve into technology and occasionally even gaming here at LBRY-C, but with the development of Soundbytez and Jelly Beatz slowly ongoing, it's really about time we gave music...

LBRY-C Partners With The Welsh Gaming Network

We at LBRY.Community have always focused heavily on technology and what it can do for you. Naturally, given we're trying to promote such tech. But more recently, we've branched off into more gaming...

LBRY-C Attends Level Up Wales 2019

With the summer in full swing, our North Wales-based Core Team Members ProfessorDey and kcSeb headed out on Friday to the local Level Up Wales gaming convention, hosted at Wrexham Glyndŵr...

Bees! Not the bees! – An introduction into the LBRY Swarm project

Today, we’re taking a dive into the LBRY Swarm project. What is it? What’s it all about? How do I join? The LBRY Swarm project is a recently opened project ran by (you guessed it…) LBRY Inc. - LBRY... – A Decentralized Music Sharing Platform

SoundBytez.IO - A Decentralized Music Sharing Platform Sound Bytez is a music sharing platform built on top of LBRY and by LBRY-C Core Team members kcSeb (Kenneth Cremeans) and...

JellyBeats – A Decentralized Music Streaming Platform

Jelly Beats - A Decentralized Music Streaming Platform Jelly Beats is a decentralized music streaming platform build on the LBRY protocol and developed in Electron. LBRY user Bztr...
LBRY Community announces v3 BETA

Welcome to v3 BETA

Welcome to LBRY Community v3 BETA Welcome to our unfinished BETA website Welcome to our unfinished BETA website! We're sorry for the inconsistent design, but you should know that we are...

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What is LBRY?

A Free Market of Digital Files.

Share or Sell Anything – With Anyone – Earn your Living.

LBRY, pronounced ‘Library’ is a new and freer internet protocol.

Out with the old, and in with the new – The LBRY is waiting for you to discover what is in the shelves of the soon-to-be biggest & most secure digital library on earth.

Share or sell your videos, images, books or any digital file.

For all content creators – Photographers, video creators, book-authors, 3d-modelers, designers, application developers. You may sell your content, and you decide everything about your content. The choice is yours.

A network owned by the community – Owned by you.

You own your publications and you own your money. It is designed to be censorship-resistant, so no centralized company can take control.

Speak and publish freely – In the name of freedom.

How is that possible? Mix Bitcoin and Blockchain with a custom tailored content distribution protocol, and you will get LBRY.

* – A Freer Internet that Cannot be Censored: Yes, it is true that nothing can be removed on the protocol layer, but on application layer illegal content will be blocked. Using LBRY is legal, unless you publish illegal material which can get you prosecuted.


Is LBRY for me?

Yes. It is “For Everyone.”

Try the apps - all in one place.

Engage with the vibrant community.

Learn about the technology.

Sync YouTube with LBRY

Protect your videos and earn LBC by syncing your YouTube channel with the LBRY network.

We are here to help you sync your channel.

Protect videos, earn rewards

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LBRY App Beta (v0.35.X)

Publish, share & earn. The LBRY app will let you explore all the files that are published on the LBRY network or even publish something yourself.

Available for…

Desktop: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Mobile: Google Play

Create, Share, Earn.

(external site) (as in ‘Free Speech’) is a free image & video uploading service which lets you store your memes or anything to be indexed forever on the internet.


Share your images and videos with the world, and store them forever on the index of the blockchain.

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LBC Cryptocurrency

LBC (LBRY Credit) is the currency which is necessary for the function of the free market and financial ecosystem of the LBRY protocol.

Read about the coin

There is a lot to know about cryptocurrencies and LBC in particular.


LBC is a cryptocurrency with an ever-changing market price. We do not offer financial advice.


Our widespread and vibrant community welcomes you.

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Join the Community

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LBRY Protocol – The Content ‘Engine’.

The ‘engine’ that allows apps & websites to utilize a free digital content market, where users are 100% in control of their own content & revenues. Publish your files in a censorship-resistant ecosystem, decentralized & secure with blockchain technology.

Learn the Protocol

Learn the Protocol

Learn about the beginner basics of the LBRY Protocol, and even the more technical aspects for developers.

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Secure the Network

Secure the Network

Help secure the integrity of the network.

Secure The Integrity

Mine LBC's with mining hardware.


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Earn LBC's by using your computer to host data.

About the Teams

About the Teams

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