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– What is LBRY? –

or read How LBRY works (advanced)


Discover a Global Digital Library

  • Users can download, view or stream videos, music, images, e-books or any digital content using LBRY.
  • Either for free, or the price which the publisher sets.

Publish Your Content

  • Content creators may publish any digital content and set their preferred price, or let it be seen for free.
  • The published content needs to be legal to publish.

The company LBRY Inc. will remove access to illegal content via the LBRY App. However, LBRY Inc. cannot delete ANYTHING from the LBRY blockchain network. This aids in making the internet censorship-resistant.

Become a Seeder, Earn LBC

  • Users can earn money by hosting/seeding files they already have downloaded, and help strengthen the network. (* – Not yet available. Coming soon ™️)

Like BitTorrent: There is no centrally-controlled server to host the files. The content is completely decentralized between the users.

Tip Your Favorite Content Creators

  • Users can donate tips to the creators if they like the content and want to support the creators.

This tipping also makes the content appear higher in the search results (as long as the publisher doesn’t withdraw the extra LBC which is tipped)


– Why use LBRY? –


Increased Revenue

  • Both publishers and users can earn money using LBRY.
  • There is no middleman. All profits go from the buyer to the seller.


Protect Your Rights

  • The creators of LBRY believe in freedom of speech, and the network is designed to protect the rights of their users.
  • No one can delete or de-monetize your content from the network – not even the company who created LBRY!


Diversity of Content

  • LBRY doesn’t serve just a single file type, and doesn’t care about socially un-acceptable content.
  • It serves ALL file types and even things you may not like.

Yes, even adult themes which are not safe to watch at your workplace (NSFW).

Learn more – How LBRY Works



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