Become a LBRYian

Join the club and become a LBRYian.

Anyone can become a LBRYian.

A LBRYian (Librarian) is almost just like real Librarians in normal old-school Libraries. The biggest difference is that a LBRYian is on the internet, and the Librarian is in your local Library.

A LBRYian is just a name to symbolize someone’s commitment to LBRY.

A LBRYian may earn rewards after he or she contributes to LBRY.

A LBRYian will receive updates about how to contribute to the LBRY. (Like a Librarian, I told you.)

Can I trust a LBRYian?

No. Anyone can become a LBRYian, so you can never completely trust anyone.

However, some LBRYians have a good reputation, so they have become Trusted.

  • Low Status – LBRYian
  • Medium Status – Volunteering LBRYian
  • High Status – Trusted LBRYian (gets paid and moderator rights in the Discord Chat.)

Becoming a Trusted LBRYian takes time and effort, as of now there exists only a selected few.

There are really no duties as a LBRYian. Just like a normal Librarian, I told you (haha!)

However, a LBRYian is a volunteer (who can be rewarded), so you decide yourself what you want to do.

Available tasks for a LBRYian

Do you have an idea for a task? Send a message to [email protected]

There is really no definitive way to say if you’re a LBRYian or not, but there are many roads that lead to Rome.

How do I become a LBRYian?

  1. Subscribe to the Newsletter, and read the LBRYian-section when mails are sent. They are made specially for you.
  2. Assign yourself the LBRYian-role in the Discord Chats. If you don’t know how, just enter the chat and say “I want to become a LBRYian.”
  3. Go on Social Media and come out of the closet as a LBRYian, and link to

What does a LBRYian believe in?

Freedom of Speech, and Freedom to Publish. They believe in LBRY.

What does a LBRYian act like?

They act like themselves.

However, in official LBRY Chats and Social Media they will try to keep order, act according to rules, and help out whenever necessary.