About LBRY Inc. – The Founders of LBRY

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Founders of the Protocol

The team at LBRY Inc. founded the LBRY Protocol and are constantly maintaining it, and building applications upon it. (See LBRY App and Spee.ch)


LBRY Inc. is a company founded by CEO Jeremy Kauffman, and is operating today in the freedom-loving area of Manchester in New Hampshire, USA. They consist of 20+ full time employees, and even more people working part-time. See their team here.

Join their Discord chat

You may join LBRY Inc.’s Official Discord Chat and get to know all the nice developers and receive application support, or even receive some LBC Cryptocurrency if you help out.

Do you want to help them develop and earn LBC Cryptocurrency?

You can contribute on any repository at the LBRY Inc. Github or go directly to the LBRY Desktop App repository and report bugs/issues, or provide pull requests containing your excellent code. You will surely receive LBC Cryptocurrency if you do some hard work there.

LBC Premine

When LBRY Inc. founded the protocol, they made the total supply of the LBC Cryptocurrency to be 1 billion coins. 60% of these coins were to be mined by Miners, and the other 40% were to be controlled by LBRY Inc. for community, operations and institutions. Read about the LBC Premine here.

Us (LBRY-C Team) are funded by this LBC Premine, specifically the ‘Community Fund’. You may also apply for funding here.