Okay okay… Who keeps giving our writers permission to use video game references?

LBRYNomics, a cleverly named statistics viewer for all things LBRY, developed by Mark (Electron) Firth and Brendon Brewer is an easy way to track the growth of channels on LBRY. With an easy to read interface, you can view statistics (with change rates over the course of 7-days) such as; LBC Value of the channel, Channel Followers, Content Views (total), Content Repost’s, Net Follower Change, Net Views Change, Net Repost’s Change, and their overall ranking within the top 200 LBRY channels.

This information is great for tracking the overall growth and organic interest in your channel, or someone else’s you may be interested in. It is also a great way to find some pretty large channels to take a look at, if you’re ever in need of some new content for viewing, on LBRY.

Though this is all good for the layman, maybe you’re more into juicy graphs and hard data… Well… LBRYNomics has you covered there, too! With a number of live graphics, ranging from the Total Number of Publications to the Total Number of Channels, you can see hard numbers that show off just what kind of data LBRY is handling. (Be warned, there are a lot of graphs to look at)

Overall, we really like the LBRYNomics for the service it provides and the information it allows the public to see. Who knows… Maybe your channel is in the top 200!

We do have a few minor gripes about it, but just a few, we promise.

– Despite It’s generally layman friendly layout, it can be a bit overwhelming the first time seeing it.
– There are no options for custom inputs, so you can’t actively search out your own channel.
– It is closed source (formerly open-source, but due to licensing changes and such, it is now closed source)

If you are interested, you can also view the LBRYNomics Roadmap and Bug Tracker here. (https://lbrynomics.com/info/)

Besides that, we believe that LBRYNomics is a pretty solid site and is worth checking out, even if you’re just there for the pretty colours!

View LBRYNomics today at https://lbrynomics.com/

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