Why we created LBRY.Community – A Protocol for Developers

We are an independent community initiative which aims to teach the distinction between all the different aspects of LBRY. - The LBRY protocol.

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LBRY protocol - Developers - Open Source

The LBRY protocol is for developers and communities far beyond anything you can imagine.


But first let me welcome you to a re-designed LBRY.Community! I want to thank the people who have been helping me alot with this release. This is the LBRY.Community team. Not the team of LBRY Inc. (the company).


  • @rein (programmed the whole damn webpage, and also did design-work.)
  • @ProfessorDey (has been a steady supporter, helper with everything and a shoulder to cry on.)
  • @Dusan (made the awesome animations.)
  • @bounboun (a french translator who helped a lot with the text.)
  • @Nizuka (a great front-end developer who gave good advice and did some design.)
  • @LavRadis (A good hearted person who helped out with text.)
  • @Snipa (provided a great server.)
  • @MSFTServer (had the original LBRY-heart idea, which we ultimately decided to remake as a logo for our community.)
  • @Stephen (Great designer, marketer, advisor)
  • @Alexa (joined in the last minute, and gave good suggestions and did some tweaking.)
  • @Coolguy3289 (Offered to help with ordering and shipping of the LBRY community contest participation rewards, shopping bags and stickers.)


The team at LBRY Inc. doesn’t want to advertise the coin (LBC). – they want to advertise their product: The LBRY App.

After 1 year of knowing LBRY, and being active in the community chat room – I have started loving both the team, the tech and the community. The team consists of humble people, who doesn’t want to create unnecessary hype about their product.

The LBRY team abstains from telling people to buy credits (LBC’s) to use the LBRY app. The team gives newcomers a couple of LBC for free instead, so they can try out this new platform. I believe this is a great strategy to get people interested. This is very similar to Elon Musk’s strategy after he launched Paypal in 1999, where they offered 1$ for signing up.


In the end: What matters is the utility which the LBRY protocol provides, and the problem it solves.

  • Provides Utility: LBRY enables trustless transactions between two parties, in exchange for digital content.
  • Solves Problem: LBRY eliminates the need for a central authority who has control over the users digital content.


There is a big difference between the app and the protocol

– The app is controlled by the company, and the protocol is controlled by the community.

This distinction is very important to consider when talking about the future of LBRY. I predict seeing other developers build apps and websites, which provide the same utility, by using LBC as a medium of exchange.

The protocol is not only for the LBRY company to use. It is for anyone who would like to make a business for digital content. For example: Providing videos in exchange for advertisement.


Distinguishing protocol, apps and developers of LBRYHelp develop the LBRY App, or Spee.ch, and get rewarded LBC’s for hard work! Or fork the current projects at Github.

Come speak with us in the LBRY Discord chat! – maybe you will get some friends and people who like your ideas. Also, if you know some developers, then please share this image above



LBRY is not the “new Youtube”. LBRY is a new protocol behind the new, global digital library.


  • LBRY will be a place with quality content that people actually wants to buy.

  • LBRY will be a place for sharing free content, protected from censorship.

Objectives of LBRY.Community:

  • Attract developers/business people to develop applications or business on top of the LBRY protocol.
  • Attract content creators & content consumers who, for now, are willing to deal with the beta status.
  • Attract “investors”, e.g. people buying more LBC to claim channels or purchase content so that LBRY Inc. and competing LBRY developers become funded.


These are the reasons we created LBRY.Community. We want to present LBRY without the company, and with the community. We are an independent community initiative, and we intend to protect publishing rights and content freedom for everyone.


Thank you for coming.

– rouse


Make sure you check out the contests!



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