SoundBytez.IO – A Decentralized Music Sharing Platform

Sound Bytez is a music sharing platform built on top of LBRY and by LBRY-C Core Team members kcSeb (Kenneth Cremeans) and ProfessorDey (Joshua Hayes, myself). We started on the project in an effort to provide a simple and open platform that could work with the Jelly Beats music streaming app. Much like to how works with the official LBRY desktop application to provide an open means of sharing images and videos.

Though still in early stages, we’ve already reached a point where we can freely share audio and play it back to you in the browser.

We came forward with this not only to support the Jelly Beats project. We also wanted to help develop the platform itself, field testing the usability in independant projects. As it turns out, at present it is rather more locked into its own ecosystem than preferred for most developers.

We’ve taken our experience thus far and are presently conversing with the developer. Hopefully this will make the platform a lot more approachable to other projects in the future.

Where We Stand Now

Presently, the interface is already an open and straightforward interface, thanks to being built on top of This allows for users to upload content anonymously or into their own custom Collection (A LBRY channel). The latter letting them keep their favourite music and recordings all in one place. And of course, they can browse all of the collections and content uploaded to the LBRY Network.

All a user needs to do in order to upload their own content is:

  • Go to the Sound Bytez Home Page.
  • Drag and Drop your Audio File.
  • Give it a Title.
  • Set Your Prefered Vanity URL (You can pick anything you like, just be sure to use the full link when sharing).
  • Optionally, Add a Description, Copyright Licence and Flag if Your Content is Not Safe For Work.
  • Optionally, Assign the Content to a Collection.
  • If the Collection Already Exists, Simply Enter the Name and Password Previously Assigned.
  • Otherwise, Create a New Collection (Making sure to save the password elsewhere).
  • Once Finished, Press Publish and Very Soon Your Content will Appear on the LBRY Network, Ready for Sharing.

And all you need to do for sharing that content is copy the full link and share it.


The Future of SoundBytez.IO

Very soon we’ll also be adding integration with Jelly Beats, so you can play your content in the player when given a Sound Bytez link. Jelly Beats should also soon be implementing a share feature that lets you provide Sound Bytez links for easily sharing content online. Perfect for sharing with anyone that doesn’t have the Jelly Beats desktop app installed. No more need to miss out on all that sweet, sweet reddit karma because of a useless link.

With the latest update, we already provide all the functionality required for the project, in its simplest form. However, we plan to develop the project much further to bring out a much more attractive user interface, as opposed to the rather utilitarian interface. We’re currently looking into integrating a very nice audio visualizer, React-Player, as well as developing our own aestetic that can open the door to developers looking to customise themselves.

How to Find Us

For those interested in experimenting, the Website is already live and for those wanting to keep up with the project. You can also follow up with us on Discord. Not a fan of Discord? Then just keep an eye out here on LBRY.Community where we’ll be updating everyone as to the progress of this and other projects.



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