Become a Miner

How to start LBC mining?

See the guide on how to mine LBC by Luxor Tech “How to start mining LBRY“.

What are the profits?

You can see the expected profits of LBC Mining at


List of Pools

Luxor.Tech (Fee: 3% PPS)

LBRY Community Pool (PROMO: Fee: 0%)

What does ‘Community-Certified’ mean?

Being Community-Certified means that the pool supports the community. The pools donate 10% of their LBC earnings directly to the Operational Fund of LBRY-C. These pools are featured and promoted on our website, and the operators are in close contact with us.

Decentralization = A More Secure Protocol – A Greater Integrity

The LBRY-C Team aims to decentralize governance and hash mining power of the LBRY Protocol. We believe this is one way to do it. We would never want any pool to have too much mining power. If any of our community-certified pools get too much power, then we will promote the creation of more pools.

Luxor Tech (link)

A beautifully designed and professional mining pool who offers Pay-Per-Share PPS-payment, which means that you are guaranteed to get paid even if the pool doesn’t find a block. Luxor Tech is a pool with a strong focus on community contribution, and have an active Twitter-presence (follow Luxor Tech on Twitter). You can use this pool for a steady mining income, and at the same time contribute to the community of LBRY.

Luxor Tech - A Community-Certified Mining Pool

LBRY Community Pool (link)

LBRY Community Pool is our official mining pool that spawned directly from the community of LBRY. The operator of this pool is so trusted that he has become a signee of the LBRY-C Operational Fund. This pool will receive branding and design which will be developed and backed by the LBRY-C Team.

LBRY Community Mining Pool - The official pool of the community

Equipment Needed:

Baikal Miner BK-B (40GH/s)

Baikal Miner BK-D (70GH/s)

These are the most profitable LBRY mining units you can get on the market today. These are FPGA’s. The prices vary depending on how many you buy, and note that CPU and GPU mining is not deemed profitable anymore for LBRY.

Our stats screen is coming soon. Meanwhile you can use this website to see Hash Power Distribution between mining pools.

LBRY Mining Pool Stats