Liberum (pre-alpha)

The Liberum Open Forum Project is an attempt to bring LBRY beyond the simple world of file sharing, a forum dedicated to free speech and open, civil discussion on innumerable subjects. It strives for user privacy and freedom, whether you choose to post anonymously, by a handle or your real name, you hold the keys to your data, quite literally. No information about you will ever leave your browser unless you expressly permit it.

There is no tracking or identification, you can call yourself whatever you please, you’ll only be told apart by your public key and the name/image you assign yourself for that thread. Heatedly debate the issues you care about in one thread, then sit back, relax and chat about video games in another. Do as you please, just try to play nice, okay?

Every thread is self contained and stored safely on the LBRY Network, download your favourite topics peer to peer, keeping your browsing secure, encrypted and faster the more popular that content is.

Find out more at Liberum World, check out the code on Gitlab, or chat with us on Discord!