Today, we’re taking a dive into the LBRY Swarm project. What is it? What’s it all about? How do I join?

The LBRY Swarm project is a recently opened project ran by (you guessed it…) LBRY Inc. – LBRY Inc is currently giving communities interested in LBRY and other things a chance to build an even bigger community and earn rewards for doing so. (Right now, the reward amounts are undisclosed to the public.)
Those other things can be just about anything! – Open source projects? Yep! Music Genres? Yep! Video games? Of course!
The point is, LBRY is looking for groups of people enthusiastic about not only LBRY, but their own little thing, too.

What is the swarm, though? The swarm is a group of hives… and hives… are all of us combined! Hives are the previously mentioned communities.
A great example of a hive is us here at LBRY-C. We love LBRY and the things that LBRY are doing. We also love open source projects like LBRY and the development thereof. You mention LBRY and open source and we’re hooked!

Maybe you enjoy the video game Rocket League and enjoy making content surrounding the game. That would be an acceptable Hive idea. Publish your Rocket League content to LBRY, attract more Rocket League players to LBRY! It’s a win-win situation.

Okay, okay, all this talk of hives and swarms and LBRY has you excited, of course it does… How do you start a Hive? Well, starting a Hive is really simple. It starts with you and your idea. Once you’ve brainstormed your central idea, you’re pretty much ready to go. You’ll need to attend one of LBRY’s introductory sessions on Google Hangouts to discuss your idea with the rest of the colonists and LBRY Inc themselves. You’ll also get to join the super-secret hive apiary chat. In order to get invited to one of these introductory sessions, you can do one of a few things…

Email – She will get you the needed invitation to the apiary chat.

Join the LBRY-C Discord and let us know you’re interested in joining the apiary chat.

Or direct message Julie on Discord at “julie#4489”

Please be respectful when contacting either Julie’s Discord or Email, Thank you!

Now… You’ve attended the introductory meeting, you’ve spoken with the team and the other colonists, now comes the fun part, dragging in your friends and other colonists.
A fully-established colony has a few requirements;

  • All five officer positions filled, including the Champion, Engineer, Curator, Promoter, and Reporter (We will dive more into what these positions are in a bit.)
  • Picked your initial objective (We will talk a little more about what some objectives may be in a bit as well.)
  • Setup a home – Your home can be anything from a Slack chat, Discord server, website, and more.

So, we mentioned those five officer positions, but what are they and what do they need to do?

The Champion; The champion is the primary organiser of the Hive. They are the person which leads the rest of the colonists to success. It’s a big task and not for the faint of heart! The champion will be responsible for helping newbies find who they need to talk to about your Hive, learn from other Hives and the take feedback from the general public to better your own Hive. They must be a reliable and trustworthy person.

The Engineer; The engineer is the most technically skilled person in your Hive. They don’t really need any programming skills, but they should at least have significant experience with computers. The engineer will be the insider who helps with the Hives home such as websites, emails, accounts, etc. Additionally, the engineer will be tasked with communicating with the LBRY developers to discuss technical changes and more. Finally, the engineer will be responsible for the setup and management of the Hive multi-signature wallet.

The Curator; The curator should have some experience with writing content such as blog posts and social media posts. The curator should also have general knowledge of publishing content on LBRY to help with publishing free and open content relating to your Hive interest. Additionally, the curator should have the skills and means to assist other members of your Hive in publishing their content to LBRY.

The Promoter; The promoter is the person who plans out and helps execute events both physical and virtual such as meetings, meetups, conventions, and more. The promoter should have good people skills to help recruit new members to your Hive. The promoter will be tasked with speaking to the newbies and convince them to join your Hive as well as get them up to speed.

The Reporter; The reporter is the person who helps the rest of the officers communicate when something comes up. The reporter is also responsible for sending reports* to LBRY Inc. The reporter is also similarly tasked with social postings.

* – Reports consist of a monthly report of your progress towards your Hive’s objective(‘s). Please note, this is a requirement to retain your Hive’s status as a “fully-established, level 2 hive”. Please also note that it’s understandable, sometimes you don’t reach your objective, things fail, but that is okay! So long as you communicate with LBRY Inc with a report explaining this, you are more likely to keep your level 2 status. The monthly reports do not really need to be very formal, however it helps. The reports can be as simple or as complex as your Hive decides.

Finally, let’s talk about Hive objectives a little more in-depth. An objective is something you and your Hive are trying to accomplish. This could be anything, really. But some examples are…

  • Recruiting more members to your Hive. Maybe your objective is to be the biggest and bestest hive around! That’s fine with us, recruit as many active people as you possibly can! (Just… try not to cause an uprising, please.)
  • To encourage publishers and content creators to use LBRY. We love having new people on LBRY and maybe your Hive interest is something we’ve never seen on LBRY before. We’d love to see new content on LBRY!
  • A technical project. Maybe you and your Hive are experienced in a certain programming language. Why not create a new application making use of the LBRY protocol?

If you’re interested in learning more or starting up a Hive of your own, you’re more than welcome to get in contact with;

Julie Sigwart – (or – Discord: julie#4489


Join the LBRY-C Discord and hop into the #hive-interest channel. From there, you can speak with Julie and/or us at LBRY-C and get directed to the apiary.

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