Pardon our Fallout reference there… we’re gamer nerds, what can we say? Anyways… LBRY has changed, at least, the Discord structure has.

If you were or are a member of the Official LBRY Discord, you may have noticed a lack of certain channels. This is due to a change made by the LBRY team themselves. They are working to phase out off-topic discussion and move it into other servers and communities. This is where LBRY-C has stepped in! We have reopened many off-topic channels that we once had, including; lbry-gaming, market-and-trading, random-nsfw, technology, and more!

Currently, the Official LBRY Discord server is a central resource for support and other LBRY-core related topics. You can still join their server with THIS invite.


If you are interested in participating with the LBRY Swarm Initiative, that server is also open. You can join the LBRY Swarm Server with THIS invite. This will be the location for all things Swarm and Hive related including joining a Hive, starting a Hive, and more.


Finally, if you are interested in joining the LBRY-C Discord for off-topic and community related discussions, you can do so HERE.

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