We at LBRY.Community have always focused heavily on technology and what it can do for you. Naturally, given we’re trying to promote such tech. But more recently, we’ve branched off into more gaming related events and news than any other topic. You may have seen our recent article covering Level Up Wales 2019. (If not… we suggest you go give it a read after this article. HERE.) The article sparked interest of the Welsh Gaming Network (https://welshgaming.co.uk), enough interest that we were offered a position as guest writers on their site!

What does this mean for LBRY-C?

This effectively means we have the ability to attend many of the events in Wales that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. This also means we get priority access with press passes.

But what does this mean for LBRY?

This means that we at LBRY-C can get the knowledge out about the LBRY platform to many of the big name content creators and game developers here in Wales. We want to gain as much traction and get as many content creators on-board as possible.

In an effort to gain as much traction to both the Welsh Gaming Network and LBRY-C, we will be cross posting many of our gaming related articles (and some tech related articles) to both the WGN site and LBRY-C.

If you are a fan of gaming or technology, now is a better time than any to take a look at WGN and LBRY-C. We have plenty in store for you all.

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