Cancel culture, Censorship, and Removal of your rights to viewing content, Google has done it all!

LBRY’s Android application, used for viewing and uploading content to the LBRY network was snatched from the Google Play Store this morning. With over 100k application downloads, LBRY’s growth was undeniable. However, Google doesn’t seem to care. Outright banning the application, citing issues with the “In-App Experience”. More specifically, LBRY is being accused of violating Google’s policies against “Sexual Content and Profanity”.

This morning, around 15:25 EST, LBRY publicly.outed Google on Twitter, showing the alleged image that was Google’s reasoning for taking down the application. (Can be seen in the image’s below). Explaining that the scene is a; “Comedic scene without explicit nudity.” (Quote via @LBRYcom on Twitter)

LBRY goes on to show an additional image, taken from the (recently blown up, in the news) move “Cuties” on Netflix, still available on the Google Play Store.

It seems that Google may be trying to pull YouTube-Competitor applications from their store, in an effort to silence and get rid of the competition. But… That won’t stop LBRY.

If you were a fan of the Android application, you can still use the application if you have it installed, or, if you’re still looking for the application, it can be downloaded via FDroid, a third party Non-Google affiliated application store on Android.

FDroid LBRY Package:
Direct APK Package From LBRY:

LBRY fully intends on getting the LBRY-Android application back onto the Google Play Store but also encourages individuals with privacy concerns, or those who just don’t care for Google, to download their FDroid version of the application, which has all Google tracking scrapped.

We have also seen plenty of content coming from publishers on LBRY, covering the news. Including a video from one Jeremy Kauffman, CEO of LBRY, himself.

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