Jelly Beats – A Decentralized Music Streaming Platform

Jelly Beats is a decentralized music streaming platform build on the LBRY protocol and developed in Electron.
LBRY user Bztr (Baltazar Gomez) began working on Jelly Beats back in September-October and has made quite the progress since.

Today, we’re taking a quick look into Jelly-Beats and it’s functions.

Right now, Jelly Beats can be built on Linux and packaged for other operating systems such as MacOSx and Windows.
If you’re not the type to build things yourself, you can view the releases for Jelly Beats HERE.

On the first launch, the application does take a little while to resolve content but afterwards, navigating the application and viewing content is pretty smooth.

Initializing playback of content was a bit startling at first seeing as though there is no visible volume slider… After sorting my volume, I was able to listen to some podcasts and some pretty interesting music.

After finishing up some tracks, you can head over to the “Downloads” section and either re-listen to those tracks and even favourite them. What is lacking is the ability to delete tracks from the inside the application.

Channel viewing is an easy experience too. Navigating over to a channel you can see all the published tracks by that channel, track number, the option to favourite a track, the price for said track, and the duration of the track.

Taking a look at the settings for the app, there isn’t a whole lot to be seen. You can change a bit of the style with an “adaptive colour” toggle, enable or disable Discord Rich Presence (which personally I found really cool!), and view the current LBRY daemon version Jelly Beats is using.

Overall, Jelly Beats has great potential and is making great progress. I do look forward to seeing how far Jelly Beats takes this idea.

If you wish to check out Jelly Beats for yourself or contribute to the project, you can do so at;

GitHub Releases



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