LBRYlytics - LBRY Analytics for content creators

LBRYlytics aims to be the first fully equipped analytics tool for LBRY content creators.

It is a tool to visualize and analyze your historical content earnings, views and followers on a daily basis including live data for current day.

Data is obtained from LBRYio ChainQuery, LBRY API and CryptoCompare public APIs.

LBRYlytics was created by Alojz Jakob.
LBRYlytics can be viewed at


WHATCH is a genre-sorted compilation of free, public domain movies that have been uploaded to the LBRY network. WHATCH provides an interface to easily sort and view information about said movies including their IMDB score and year of release.

WHATCH was created by Simon Schubert.
WHATCH can be viewed at


“LBRY.To is a community made LBRY-Short-Link service that can be used to turn your super long LBRY URLs into smaller, convenient and shareable URLs.”

“We created LBRY.To because all too often we have tried sharing content from LBRY either on Twitter or other social media and ended up hitting a character cap. Some LBRY URLs are just too long!”


LBRY.To was created by Kenneth S. Cremeans aka kcSeb.
LBRY.To can be viewed at

Watch on LBRY - Browser Plugin

Watch on LBRY is a browser plugin for Firefox and Chrome that automatically checks whether a YouTube video or channel is available on LBRY and if so, it redirects you to LBRY to watch it on LBRY.

Watch on LBRY was created by Madiator (kodxana).
Watch on LBRY’s source code can be viewed at


LBRYNomics is a statistics viewer for the LBRY protocol. LBRYNomics is designed to track statistics (with change rates over the course of 7-days) such as; LBC Value of the channel, Channel Followers, Content Views (total), Content Repost’s, Net Follower Change, Net Views Change, Net Repost’s Change, and their overall ranking within the top 200 LBRY channels.

LBRYNomics was created by Mark (Electron) Firth and Brendon Brewer.
LBRYNomics can be viewed at

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