About LBRY-C Team


LBRY-C Team is primarily a European team currently consisting of a 5 member Core Team and 6+ member Extended Team who are building new applications, a stronger community and working towards securing the integrity of the LBRY Protocol.

We are a team that grew organically from the LBRY Community.




LBRY-C Team was founded, funded and officially started operations the 28th of May, 2018.


The LBRY-C / LBRY.Community name was coined by Rouse (Torgeir F.) in June 2017 and was eventually sold to kcSeb (Kenneth C.) who now maintains the site alongside the other team members.




Sometimes we need assistance with our endeavours, and we are open to any kind of ideas and contributions. Do you want to help us out? Get to know us in our LBRY-C Discord Chat


LBRY – For Everyone

Freedom of Speech and Freedom to Publish – For Everyone


  • Decentralization: Decentralize mining hash-power by promoting our Community-Certified Mining Pools.
  • Development: Develop LBRY based applications.
  • Educate the Community: Provide tools and targeted information for both new and expert users, to engage, learn and use LBRY Protocol.


We aim to attract a whole range of different audiences to LBRY:

  • Attract users (consumers).
  • Attract content creators.
  • Attract developers.
  • Attract investors.
  • Attract distributors.
  • Attract entrepreneurs.
  • Attract miners.
  • Attract everyone!

Here is a .zip file with the varieties of our Logo.

LBRY-C Press Kit

Core Team

@kcSeb - Kenneth C.

@kcSeb - Kenneth C.

Head of Server Operations

Gamer, Web Developer, Slightly Furry.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kcsebby
Keybase: https://keybase.io/kcseb
E-mail: kcrem@hfhosting.us
Discord: @kcSeb#1337

@ProfessorDey - Joshua H.

@ProfessorDey - Joshua H.

Director of LBRY Application Development

An English Connoisseur Bunny, sweet talking, but shooting lasers of criticism.

Discord: @ProfessorDey#1578
Keybase: https://keybase.io/ProfessorDey
E-mail: professordey@lbry.community

@Coolguy3289 - Ralph S.

@Coolguy3289 - Ralph S.

Promotions and User Interaction

DJ, Student, and event organiser, Ralph does it all.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/djcoolguy3289
Discord: @Coolguy3289#2290

Extended Team

We have an increasingly growing Extended Team (6+ members) which consists of Community Developers, Programmers, Illustrators, Contractors, Signees, Moderators, LBRY Ambassadors and Advisors. Do you feel like you can contribute? Please take contact in the Discord Chat.